Open Workshop: MESH (Tordenskioldsgate 3)

Introduction to Regulatory Technologies - is RegTech the most profitable part of Fintech?

Organized by FCG Norge, Innovative Finance UK, TNA FinTech Workgroup & Abelia Learn why Norway is both far behind, yet so far ahead in RegTech.
Innovative Finance UK will share their experiences from the UK Regulatory Landscape

12.00-12.15 - Welcome and introduction
12.15-12.30 - What is RegTech, and why is RegTech most profitable part of FinTech.
12.30-12.50 - Insights into the UK Regulatory Landscape with Innovate Finance UK
12.50-13.05 - Why is Norway so far behind, yet so far ahead?
      - Two case presentations
13.05-13.30 - Q&A Session - What is a Regulatory Sandbox? And what can it do.?

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12:00am - 1:30pm

Invite only Workshop: Mesh (Tordenskioldsgate 3)

Regulatory impact on Financial Innovation - from a Global & Norwegian Perspective

Organized by FCG Norge, Innovative Finance UK, Selmer & Abelia Meet with peers and leading experts on global and local developments in regulatory innovation, and join us in setting the agenda for future of FinTech regulation in Norway

14.00 - Welcome

14.10 - Opening remarks FCG Norway & Innovate Finance UK

14.20 - Introduction to UK Nordic Policy Working Group

14.30 - Panel debate:

  • Lasse Meholm, Chief IT Expert, Nordea
  • Atle Riksfjord, Director Digital Development, Eika
  • Helge Lund, Chairman, Kameo
  • Sameer Gulati, Policy Advisor Innovate Fiance UK
  • Daniel Ras-Vidal, Sr. Advisor, Abelia
  • Tor-Ståle Hansen, Cheif Compliance Engineer, Computas
15.15 - Q&A from the audience

15.30 - Closing remarks from Selmer & Abelia 16.25 - Keynote: “Disruption in Banking” by Silvija Seres, Board Director, Nordea & Oslo Business Region

16.50 - Networking Reception at the MESH Terrace

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2pm - 4pm

Opening Reception: MESH Join Tech Nordic Advocates FinTech Workgroup for the Opening Party of Oslo FinTech Week.
Meet with insiders from the Global and Norwegian FinTech ecosystem.

16.15 - Welcome by Tech Nordic Advocates FinTech Workgroup
16.50 - Networking Reception at the MESH Terrace
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4pm - 6pm

Opening Dinner with Innovate Finance: Mesh Dinner with invited guests, speakers and sponsors..

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6pm - 8pm

Open Banking is an emerging term in financial technology that refers to the use of Open APIs to enable third party developers to build applications and services, greater financial transparency options for account holders ranging from Open Data to private data, and the use of open source technology to achieve the above.

Mr. David Gyori, CEO, Banking Report & Co-author of The FinTech Book, is one of the most respected FinTech-trainers globally in Banking. He is regular contributor to the leading FinTech publications globally, and a regular speaker at key FinTech events around the world, as well as a global FinTech opinion leader through his extensive social media network.

All of the events below are held at Mesh, Tordenskiolds gate 3, 0160 Oslo.

Breakfast Seminar:

Open Banking; Opening up for Digital Transition

The breakfast and lunch workshop seminar will cover topics like; ICT in Banking: The 'General Purpose Technology' that Propels FinTech Revolution and Digital Transition of Banks The New Face of Banking Competition: The Red Queen Effect, Neo-Banks, GAFA Bank, The Underestimated PayPal, MNOs and PSD2's XS2A, Coopetition and Frenemies. Key Digital Success-Factors: Information Cascades, Millennials, Cutting Across Vertical Silos, Understanding Regulatory Arbitrage. Re-bundling the Unbundled: The 30 Sub-Areas within Financial Innovation

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8am - 9.30am

Lunch Seminar:

Open Banking; Opening up for Digital Transition

Same presentation as the breakfast seminar.

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12pm - 2pm

#OsloFinTech Meetup:

Open Banking

Learn the latest on Open Banking with one of the leading global FinTech-trainers in Banking together with Norway's four largest banks for a «Open Banking Panel» to discuss their strategies for opening up for 3rd party innovations, working with startups and other players in the FinTech ecosystem. Also get a Global Outlook on FinTech from the global leader Innovate Finance UK.

Mr. Gyori will give a keynote speech; «Open Banking - The Time for David and Goliath to Team Up» and will cover topics like; FinTech Dynamics, FinTech Diversity, The New Face of Cooperation, Frenemies, Co-opetition, Identifying David and Goliath Best Practices.

We have also invited Norway’s leading banks for a «Open Banking Panel» to discuss their strategies for opening up for 3rd party innovations, working with startups and other players in the FinTech ecosystem

17.30: Keynote: Open Banking by David Gyori, CEO,
17.50: Keynote: Global FinTech Outlook by Sameer Gulati,
18.05: “Open Banking Panel" with Danske Bank, DNB, Nordea, SpareBank 1
  • Steinar Nielsen, Deputy Head of Personal Banking, Danske Bank
  • Tom Fredrik Lehrmann, Sjeksjonsleder, DNB
  • Liina T. Aagedal. Strategic Partner, Nordea
  • Knut Holmen, Chief Development Officer, SpareBank 1

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5pm - 7pm

Oslo StartupDay: FinTech – House of Startups, Telenor Arena - Widerøeveien 1, 1360 Fornebu Organized by Oslo Business Region and FintechFactory FinTechFactory is establishing Norway's first fintech accelerator. At this StartUp Day we are calling all fintech entrepreneurs and early stage startups to meet Financial Institutions and IT companies to share ambitions and needs, and to get mastermind feedback on your startup.

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9am – 14pm

FinTech Evening with Startup Grind & Drink Entrepreneurs Oslo at Mesh Join us June 8th at Mesh for a special edition co-organized by Oslo FinTech, DrinkEntrepreneurs Oslo and StartupGrind Oslo!

For this special event organized during the Oslo FinTech Week, we will host talks and pitches with Norway’s top FinTech Founders & CEO’s at 6.30pm, followed by the traditional DrinkEntreprenuers networking event, from 7.30pm. They will share their story and all their tips and tricks on how to skyrocket a FinTech Startup, and startup best practices!

Speakers and jury:
Jostein Svendsen, Founder & CEO, FMB Holding
Atle Christiansen, Co-Founder & CEO, Fronteer Solutions
Daniel R. Döderlein, Founder & CEO, Auka (mCash)

Startups to pitch:
More to come..

Join us for some good networking, get inspired and meet your peers!

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6pm - 8pm

(By invite only) Fronteer Solution launchparty of at MESH from 7pm and onwards

Fronteer Solution
7pm -

FinTech Challenge – Oslo Science Park Organized by Build2Grow Do you have an idea for a new FinTech startup or a concept for new financial products or services? Join likeminded people for the FinTech Challenge. Here you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea or concept in front of jury consisting of persons from the financial and FinTech sector, and maybe also attract a co-founder for your project among the crowd?

The best three ideas or concepts will have the opportunity to participate in the pre-accelerator program at the FinTechFactory. Here you will have the chance to develop your idea or concept from ideation to startup, meet with financial institutions, investors, mentors and more. The best idea or concept will also get the opportunity to present at Oslo Innovation Week.

The Judges
Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO Encap Security
Ingar S. Bentsen, CEO, FinTech Factory
Christian A. Tunholt, Banksjef, Danske Bank Private Banking
Roni Hercz, Senior Business Developer, Mobile Banking, Nordea

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5pm - 7pm

Equity Crowdfunding Workshop: Equity Crowdfunding: What? Why? How? Organized by Invesdor Invesdor is a Helsinki-based fintech company that operates a pan-EEA debt and equity crowdfunding platform, Invesdor is the first European crowdfunding platform with a passportabe MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) licence. Through our online investment matching service, entrepreneurs looking to raise equity financing can easily connect with international investors seeking new investment opportunities from the European Economic Area.

Looking for an innovative way to finance your company’s growth? Looking to engage your network in your company’s expansion? Invesdor presents a workshop all about equity crowdfunding, a digital way of raising financing. The workshop is targeted at start-up and growth companies considering financing options, investors, board members and anyone who gets involved with company’s that grow - accelerators, incubators, consultants, accountants, solicitors etc.

Introduction to equity crowdfunding by Hanna-Leena Back, COO, Invesdor
- What is it?
- Who does it work for?
- Why do companies choose equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding in practice by Pete Moore,
Equity Director, Invesdor
- Requirements
- Preparations for a campaign
- Running a campaign

Case study 1:
BAD NORWEGIAN equity crowdfunding campaign
Marius T. Kristiansen, Founder, CEO, BAD NORWEGIAN

Case study 2:
Cloud Insurance equity crowdfunding campaign
Axel Sjøstedt, CEO, Cloud Insurance, Cloud Solution

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1pm - 2.30pm

Global FinTech Investment Workshop Organized by FinTech Mundi Fintech Mundi has unparalleled expertise in global financial technologies and as trusted industry network, have a proven track record for scaling and launching companies in global markets and provide an unique ecosystem for global fintech growth.

Looking for investments for your FinTech venture, then this workshop is for you! Hear from the leading FinTech facilitators, investors, startups in Norway on how they raised their multi-million dollar investments, and learn best practices working with international investors . Expect international investors looking to invest, and the leading Chinese investment program is coming to present their China Start September program where you can meet all the top VC’s in China.

Chinese and Nordic investors will be part of the panel discussion in addition to Zwipe and Prego who are the largest investment cases within Fintech in Norway.

Case Study 1: ZWIPE
Norwegian Fintech startup Zwipe, which is commercializing payment card PIN codes and passwords with an embedded fingerprint reader technology to authenticate card payments, closed a USD$5 million Series B funding round during the fall 2015. The investment comes from Photon Future, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen-based high-tech holding group Kuang-Chi Group.. Over the years, Zwipe has raised over USD$10 million in funds and we will hear their story with global investment.

Case Study 2: Prego International
Prego International with its Norwegian founder is an international Fintech with everyday banking for the unbanked. Started in Malaysia with additional hubs in the Nordics and UK. Total invested capital so far is in excess of USD$ 7 million with global investors.

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2.30pm - 4pm

FinTech Friday AfterWork Party from 16 Organized by #OsloFinTech & Mesh Mingle with Nordic FinTech and Startup insiders, bring a friend or two for a relaxing Friday after work evening in the backyard at Mesh.

Come as you are, no need to register!
4pm -